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A Look at the Aftermath of Your Liver on Anabolic Steroids

Commonly anabolic steroids are connected with body builders, those that lift weights and for basically helping strengthen execution in athletics. Reports have been numerous however, of steroid usage in the athletes within the high schools. This is a very serious concern simply because of the severe side effects that often appear. Though to be equally fair, we have to show the measurement of the harm is contingent on several determinations. The dosage taken, length of time used as well as the quality of the substance all play an important role. Anabolic steroids have bad side effects, this article will review a few of them.

The testicles will likely decrease in size when using the drug. Remember that anabolic steroids stimulate the production of testosterone.

The result of that effect is to cause the body to slow down or stop natural production of the same hormone. The body follows a specific design and when the function of an organ is disturbed it will have an adverse reaction, such as diminished proportion. However, the one ray of hope in this situation is that testicle growth and size will return to normal only if steroid usage stops. The testicles will eventually regain their usual size, but it won’t happen overnight.People taking steroids can also experience states of rage or heightened aggression. The reason for this effect is directly related to abnormally high amounts of testosterone. The production of testosterone is stimulated by the steroids which may lead to the behavioral aspects. Aggressive behavior such as that which is brought about by steroid use will often lead to legal fallout as well.

Roid rage is the common name used to describe the behavioral side effects that people using anabolic steroids may experience. Don’t forget that Immense quantities of testosterone will be created by the body, in levels much higher than average. Incredibly violent moods have been documented and it is only one side effect of steroid use that someone might experience. The untimely death of family members and friends have been noted in extreme cases of roid rage. Steroid’s side effects don’t just affect the person using them.The side effects of anabolic steroids are incredibly diverse and range from socially awkward to criminal. If people push to the edge with these materials, death can sometimes result. The controlled medical administration of anabolic steroids should be overseen by a doctor. Even though these steroids have excellent uses within modern medicine, they are administered under very controlled dosages. They can thus be used without causing any of the destructive and dangerous side effects we have learned about.


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