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Myths And Truths About Hair Loss

The phenomena known as hair loss is a very real problem that many people experience in their everyday lives. Since this is such a widespread phenomena, there is quite a market base for this gigantic industry. Misinformation runs rampant, especially in areas where the interest is so high. Therefore, understanding which rumors about hair loss are true or false is quite a task. A lot of the information, on the other hand, is helpful. You just have to know what to look for. This article focuses upon what is true and false in the industry of hair loss products and remedies.

A list that you have probably heard in regard to hair loss is that by cutting your hair on a regular basis it will grow back thicker than before. Some people take this to the extreme of shaving their heads in the hope that when their hair grows back, it will be thicker than before. Most of the time, this doesn’t work. How often you cut your hair has nothing to do with how thick it is, or how much of it you lose. Short hair gives the illusion of being thicker because it really is thicker at the base near your scalp. But as it starts to grow, it will be the same thickness as it was before you cut it. Many people have tried alternative treatments, and they believe that growth of their hair was stimulated. Some of these treatments are unproven, and will probably not prevent hair loss, especially if it’s male or female pattern baldness. Hanging upside down or standing on your head are examples of such treatment. Hair growth will be stimulated by the increased blood flow to the head is the idea behind this one. For growing hair, there is no evidence this treatment will work, but it is known to give you some health benefits. You might try scalp massage for growing your hair, and while it is healthy and relaxing, it probably won’t grow much hair. For reducing stress, these types of treatments are helpful, but reversing hair loss is a different story.

If you have hair loss, and you have tried products to help stop your receding hairline, and it didn’t work, you will be among millions that are discouraged in regard to these so-called solutions. The fact is, no matter what kind of hair loss you have, there is some treatment that can work. In regard to medications that actually work, there are several on the market that have proven results. And if these medications do not help you, you can always opt for hair transplant surgery instead. You can opt for laser treatments that can actually prevent or reverse hair loss you already have. Don’t lose hope! There are so many hair loss treatments available that you will, at some point, find one that will actually work.

For many years, researchers have concluded that hair loss originates in many ways. Young people, and old people, suffer from hair loss. Age definitely brings this upon you. Some of the widely held beliefs people have about hair loss are simply false. Some causes of hair loss occur intermittently. In order to know what’s causing your hair loss, you have to understand if it’s caused by pattern baldness or something else.


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