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IELTS Test Summary: Passing the Exam with a Thorough IELTS Review

Have you heard about the IELTS test and why plenty of people, especially those planning to go to another nation are worried about this examination? The IELTS or International English Language Testing System is offered especially to people aspiring to work or study or even migrate and live permanently abroad. English and British countries have this minimal passing grade as a way for anyone to be certified to work, study or stay in their nation. It is a worldwide standardized examination that measures the English skills of anybody intending to take the examination.

IELTS Training Types

In fact, the IELTS examination is made up of 2 kinds of exercise – the general and academic:.

General training is for individuals preparing to acquire working experience and practice for work so they could practice their occupation in international, English-speaking countries. This type of IELTS exam is additionally for people planning to migrate to various other nations.

Alternatively, the second which is the academic or scholastic type, is specifically for everyone planning to study in another country. This is also really helpful and perfect for those medical practitioners or nurses who wish to pursue their career in English speaking communities. Countries like Canada, US, New Zealand, Australia and UK are just some of those who recognize and accept physicians for work or study, but they also have a minimum score required for the IELTS test. If you have plans, you must intend for a passing or a much better passing rate – the better the result, the greater opportunity you will have for accreditation.

IELTS Assessments

Keep in mind that you’ll have to go through and complete 4 sets of tests in an IELTS test – listening, reading, speaking and writing tests. And this can be accomplished efficiently if you choose a comprehensive IELTS review.

In the listening part of the test, you’ll be given an audio clip which will be played only once. So you better focus your attention to the audio so you can grab or take down some notes on important details or parts of the file. There is a common 20-minute-time for this. Right after listening to the audio file, you will be given sets of questions to answer.

For the reading test, a total of 3 passages or texts will be given as reading material. You’ll need to review and comprehend the interpretation of each passage and you will be provided an hour or so to fill out the answers to the questions. There is certainly a total of 40 questions to respond to and should be finished within one hour.

The speaking test will have three sets – interview, brief speech then discussion. You’ll need to perform these three sets for 15 mins total. So basically, 5 minutes for each part. The interview involves questions that would basically permit them to understand more information about yourself. The brief speech will allow them to measure how excellent you are in expressing your viewpoint based on an offered topic; and the tail end, which is the discussion, will provide them a hint on how at ease and confident you are in judgement. In totality, this section of the IELTS examination measures your ability and skills of communicating verbally using the English language.

The writing portion has 2 elements – one for detailed writing and the other one, an essay. The first one just needs 150 words and will have you translate something, like a chart or a table with information. The next part is a 250-word essay that will enable you to reveal yourself through writing based upon an offered agenda or subject. This portion of the IELTS test provides you up to an hour to finish.

Remember that working or continuing education abroad, or even migrating to foreign countries is certainly not easy. Taking and passing this examination will offer you complete certification to live and get employed or continue education in English speaking countries. Engaging yourself in an extensive IELTS review will offer you a much better opportunity to accomplishing the necessary passing rate. Bear in mind that the better your score is, the better your score will be and the greater chance you will have in continuing education or getting employed at various institutions overseas.


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