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Useful information on Understanding Tasks on Maps in the IELTS Listening Examination

The listening area of the IELTS is recognized as among the simplest tasks in the examination based on the those who have already taken the challenge of the real test. One good reason that most many people have said this is that Filipinos are accustomed to listening to chats in English. Filipinos are very exposed to listening to the English language which is apparent because English has been utilized in most kinds of media – the TV, radio and most specifically on the Internet. In relation to taking a listening test in the IELTS, Filipinos do not actually have a hard time answering questions. Nevertheless, you can still find a couple of things to be aware of to fully excel in the listening exam. An IELTS review like IELTS Cebu and other review facilities provide tips and techniques to aid applicants for the IELTS score high in the listening exam.

Among the questions involved in the listening task concerns on maps. This type of question generally requires directions or locating selected regions on a map. Even if this question may seem simple, but you may still find some methods that a applicant needs to be prepared to be able to answer more effectively and correctly.

The first thing that an applicant must keep in mind is that getting the general listening talent and methods is still a necessity. Always remember that is needed to read and comprehend the question before listening. In this manner, the candidate will have a solid idea of what he or she is going to need for his or her answers. In particular, if a word “road” is a part of the question, then the applicant should be able to know that he or she will be going to listen to an audio recording about directions or streets. With this thought, the candidate will be more prepared to listen and concentrate on the audio track more effectively.

After the track is played, make sure to listen to it properly. More often, the speaker will have a brief introduction on what he or she is going to tell about. When you already know what the speaker will perform, then you already have a hint on the details that could come after. For instance, if the question is about a trip on a art gallery or a community, quickly discover the place to begin on the map and go through specifics being said on the audio track.

Question on maps on the IELTS listening task is a bit of tricky once you undertake instruction provided by review centers like IELTS Cebu, Davao, and Manila. The more practice you get from these review centers, the higher probability of reaching your target scores.


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