Useful Words for the IELTS and TOEFL Test

very useful words to help you get through your IELTS and TOEFL tests



How to Speak Fluently Without Babbling

Babbling – an inarticulate and meaningless speech. Babbling is a condition very common to children. It is a stage wherein children seem to be uttering sounds but they cannot produce any clear speech. Though babbling is common for children at a very young stage, babbling in adults is a big no-no.

Speaking in front of other people, especially in a large crowd, brings cold feet to anyone. It takes a whole lot of confidence to stand firmly in front of an audience delivering a talk. Once you feel nervous while talking, you will start babbling until you realize that the words you are saying are confusing and somehow almost inaudible.
Since a lot of Filipinos take speaking examinations as part of English proficiency examinations, it is important to learn how to speak English fluently. Here are some things to bear in mind.

1. Watch the news.
News anchors are very confident when they speak English. Their stance and their delivery are almost perfect. Have these role models when you are practicing your speaking skills. Imitating how they speak is a good start. Take note of the stress and the manner of how they deliver the words clearly.

2. Improve your vocabulary.
Reading a lot helps you in speaking through the new vocabulary you acquire. When you read, highlight new words and write their definitions. It is important to know many vocabulary words to express ideas more effectively and appropriately. With these new vocabulary words, you will not have any problem repeating the same word in your sentences.

3. Use English every day.
Do you enjoy listening to music? This is best in developing your speaking skills. Tune in the radio while working or on a break. Embrace English in your life. Initiate simple English conversations with friends and family members.

4. Have a speaking partner.
Have a friend who can practice English with you. Create scenarios like a talk show wherein your friend can ask you questions and have a very interactive conversation. It does not have to be something formal. The thing here is learning and developing your English skills in a fun way. Furthermore, you will develop your confidence in speaking the English language.

5. Learn from your mistakes.
When speaking in English, some might notice that you commit some mistakes in correct you. Don’t feel bad about this. Be thankful that people are taking an extra effort in helping you learn English. Learn from these mistakes and do better next time.

Speaking English fluently takes practice and time. Hence, as early as today, start by embracing English in your life. Simple conversations are a huge step towards being the best English speaker.

List of Reputable IELTS Review Centers in the Philippines

Are you on the hunt for the best IELTS review centers? Trying to find one that is best for you?

IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination is an English proficiency examination taken by different individuals as a requirement for employment or academics. The IELTS exam is an assurance that hiring managers and school administrators have employed or accepted individuals that are good at using the English language. As the competition rises worldwide, it is best to get a high score for the IELTS examination.

To be able to get the IELTS target scores set by different companies and academic institutions, one must be prepared in taking the test. This preparation is crucial as the development of one’s skills and strategies occur in this stage. Studying alone is not that bad; however, it is best to have somebody guide you through the process of reviewing for the IELTS. In this matter, finding the most effective and the best IELTS review center is a good decision a candidate should make. There are quite a number of IELTS review centers in the country. Here are some review centers that are known for its reputation in giving the best reviews and highest rate of passers.

  1. JRooz Review Center, Inc.

Founded in 2001, JRooz Review Center has been providing their clients with the best review in the IELTS, TOEFL, and both local and international (NPTE) PT examinations. Classes are limited with a maximum of twenty students to ensure the quality of training among its students. The courses offered are very affordable yet the materials used in classes are the best tools together with highly trained instructors and excellent facilities in the center.

2. 9.0 Niner IELTS Review and Tutorial

Started in the year 2007, 9.0 IELTS Review and Tutorial Center has been one of the most competitive review centers in the country. It continues to provide clients comprehensive and effective methods and strategies about the IELTS. They have equipped mentors and suitable review programs to their clients.

3. ICSEC-Kaplan

Its mission is to train and educate students to become responsible and well-rounded individuals who shall lead and contribute to the country’s positive growth. They are dedicated to equip their students with the skills to be leaders and to strive for the betterment of the external environment.

These review centers are sure to bring candidates the results they want for their IELTS. Check on their websites and learn more about these review centers. Remember, investing with IELTS review centers is the best decision in preparing for the IELTS.

IELTS Exam & Review in Davao City, Philippines

Is there really a need for non-native speakers like Filipinos to take the IELTS (International English Testing Language) examination?
This is one of the most frequently asked questions of IELTS exam candidates in Davao City as they file their applications for the examination. Well, sad to say, IELTS is indeed a requirement for any individual – working professional or a student – who have intentions of working in international companies and renowned universities in other countries. An IELTS certification has been required as there is a need to ensure companies and colleges that the people working or studying with them will be able to survive the working and academic environment they will be exposed to where English is the primary language.

Since the need of an IELTS certificate has clearly been imposed, Davaoenos are now settled with the fact that getting an IELTS certificate is important. With this in mind, seeking for the best IELTS training center to know more about strategies to be developed and test dates for the exam have been given importance. Among all review centers in Davao, candidates for the IELTS need to be keen in deciding where to enroll and get the highest quality of training for the IELTS. These are some things you can consider in finding the best IELTS review center.

•    Tailor Fit Review Programs

Customer satisfaction is the goal of any IELTS review center. Hence, they have created programs that suits best what the candidate needs. The pretest given on the first day of the review will determine the strengths and weaknesses of the trainees. Furthermore, coaches can design a program that will address these needs. The most important aspect in a review is to target the skills that need boosting and development; thus, review programs in IELTS review centers are the answer.

•    Comprehensive Review Materials

The key in understanding the strategies and the techniques in the IELTS is through using updated materials in the review. Coaches and mentors always make it a habit to check online on any new materials for the IELTS training. Moreover, materials in this review center are up-to-date and always fresh. No irrelevant materials are given, only ones that will cater to the needs of their trainees.

•    One on One Coaching

Having speaking as one of the dreaded tasks in the IELTS examination, speaking coaches conduct one-on-one speaking exercises with their trainees. This is done to develop trainees’ confidence in speaking and teach them how to handle interviews well. Speaking confidently is important as these individuals start working or studying abroad.

If you are someone in Davao planning to take the IELTS exam, here are the test dates that you should remember.

•    IDP (Academic/General Training)
August 29
September 21
October 26

•    British Council
August 28
September 20

(General Training)
August 28
September 20

Download Useful Documents for Your IELTS Training and Review

Guys, I just wanted to share these documents (PDF) that will provide basic information and tips on how to improve our chances in passing the IELTS exam. You can read these on your smartphone, tablets, or laptops. I hope you like it.


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Reviewing for the IELTS is Important

To locate a very gratifying and prosperous career really takes some time. Commonly, men and women try different types of work until they select one that best suits them – both for career advancement and financial part. Let us face it, people today try to find job opportunities that pay well, where they can bring in a lot of money to be able to save. For many who have a family, selecting a job overseas has been a craze. The nicest thing about these work internationally is that they do not limit this demand to medical professionals or sales professionals. They have opened an opportunity for skilled individuals such as butchers. The most important thing to take note of is that as an individual for work in foreign countries, one must take an English experience test like the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination. Subsequently, progressively more skilled personnel have started searching for an IELTS review center for IELTS training.

Some skilled personnel are juggling time between seminars in focusing their skills in butchery and improving their competencies in butchery. In an IELTS review hub, the butchers are given schedule of the training and course programs that they ought to study in the entire course. Some ask if review locations have a one day IELTS review for they cannot always be in attendance for the review due to their occupied schedules. Some hubs in truth have a one day IELTS review for an intensive course review. These reviews can be very complicated as mentors have to construct and develop the candidate’s abilities in the four core areas – reading, listening, speaking and writing. Nonetheless, though some provide this review; it is still much better to participate in the regular scheduled reviews in these IELTS review stations.

Butchers have to be advised that they have to get a report of 5 or 6 in the General Training evaluation. Obtaining this score makes the butcher qualified to apply for a organization or establishment. Challenging as it may seem, butchers ought to do their best in terms of studying and understanding all the concepts in the IELTS. Some could imagine that going to review facilities is a waste of time and money, but they are actually missing the opportunity of experiencing top quality coaching with expert professors. IELTS review centers always attempt to give the best service and full satisfaction in terms of instruction and education for the IELTS.

Distinctions between IDP and BC

Several have formerly taken the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) evaluation. The IELTS evaluation is an English competency test. Individuals – scholars and working authorities – take the challenge of this test to acquire a documentation on English fluency. Those who are dreaming to work and study abroad need to take the IELTS exam because it has been a necessity for organizations and schools around the world. Hiring professionals and head masters in academic institutions require the IELTS for it is a warranty that the people they are hiring or accepting in their agencies not only are good speakers of the language but also people who can use the language in its four core parts – reading, listening, speaking and writing.

A lot of people feel that taking reviews in IELTS review centers are advantageous. This is due to IELTS review stations provide supplies and teaching that develop the expertise of people important in excelling the IELTS examination. Additionally, IELTS review centres guide prospects for the IELTS sign up for the examination. However, dilemma comes up when job seekers are asked whether to take the IDP or British Council. Is there any important distinctions by any means?

When faced with this predicament, it is advisable to know some fundamental info on the IELTS. With the University of Cambridge, the British Council and the IDP started the development of the IELTS examination. It aspires to verify individuals of their fluency in the usage of the English language. Whether people choose the IDP or the British Council, the items in the evaluation are still the same because the examination is standardized. Wherever applicants take the examination, the questions are identical. There is no need to think about how the candidate’s assessment will be determined because the raters of the IELTS evaluation follow criteria set by the three mentioned above.

Individuals are certain in IELTS review units that whether they select the British Council or the IDP, the examination is the same. The real difference, if this matter, for both the British Council and the IDP is the fee. The British Council is expensive by a couple of hundred pesos due to the materials that are given from the British Council. These materials are review materials that can help individuals in their review. Even so, if applicants are actually joining an IELTS review program, more resources can be obtained and there are additional skills that are tutored in the facilities.

Visit an IELTS review location near you today and find out more info essential for the IELTS.