Spousal Visa for the UK – Required IELTS Score

Are you someone with a British citizen partner or a partner to someone who is settled in the UK? If so, then a spousal visa is what you need to be able to gain entry to the UK.

For those individuals who need to know more about the spousal visa for the UK, acquiring information on certain requirements for visa application is highly important. Here are some important details one should know when applying for a spousal visa in the UK.

•    Applicants need to pass an English test and a supplying test certificate with their visa application.

•    This test certificate is at Level A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) speaking and listening, which is a basic level.

•    Level A1 CEFR is the minimum standard applicants will need to meet. However, applicants can pass a test at a higher level with an approved test provider if they wished to do so. These are applicants who have level A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2 which tests speaking and listening (or speaking and listening plus reading and/or writing).

•    For the English language test, applicants can take the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System. There are certain score requirements depending on the level. For B1 level, the applicant needs to get a score of 4 for all four components – listening, speaking, reading and writing. For B2, a score of 5.5 is needed. For C1, a grade of 7 is required and a grade of 8.5 for C2 level.

•    Applicant s for spousal visa must obtain a visa before they can travel in the UK.

•    As part of the application, applicants need to enroll their fingerprints and facial image or what they call biometric information at a visa application centre.

•    The duration of the processing of the visa will depend on the country where you are making an application.

•    The application fee for this visa costs about £851or about PHP 59,000.

Some people are actually questioning why Filipinos need to provide a certificate of their fluency in English knowing the most Filipinos are good English speakers. It is true that Filipinos are good at English; however, English is not the first language of the country. An IELTS certificate is best for these applicants submitting applications for spousal visa.

To get ready for the IELTS exam, applicants can enroll in IELTS review centres to gain experience and learn strategies that are useful in taking the IELTS examination.