Rules in Using the Apostrophe – IELTS Grammar Training

Here’s a very detailed presentation on the rules in using the apostrophe. Punctuations play a huge role in your writing for the IELTS.



IELTS Exam & Review in Davao City, Philippines

Is there really a need for non-native speakers like Filipinos to take the IELTS (International English Testing Language) examination?
This is one of the most frequently asked questions of IELTS exam candidates in Davao City as they file their applications for the examination. Well, sad to say, IELTS is indeed a requirement for any individual – working professional or a student – who have intentions of working in international companies and renowned universities in other countries. An IELTS certification has been required as there is a need to ensure companies and colleges that the people working or studying with them will be able to survive the working and academic environment they will be exposed to where English is the primary language.

Since the need of an IELTS certificate has clearly been imposed, Davaoenos are now settled with the fact that getting an IELTS certificate is important. With this in mind, seeking for the best IELTS training center to know more about strategies to be developed and test dates for the exam have been given importance. Among all review centers in Davao, candidates for the IELTS need to be keen in deciding where to enroll and get the highest quality of training for the IELTS. These are some things you can consider in finding the best IELTS review center.

•    Tailor Fit Review Programs

Customer satisfaction is the goal of any IELTS review center. Hence, they have created programs that suits best what the candidate needs. The pretest given on the first day of the review will determine the strengths and weaknesses of the trainees. Furthermore, coaches can design a program that will address these needs. The most important aspect in a review is to target the skills that need boosting and development; thus, review programs in IELTS review centers are the answer.

•    Comprehensive Review Materials

The key in understanding the strategies and the techniques in the IELTS is through using updated materials in the review. Coaches and mentors always make it a habit to check online on any new materials for the IELTS training. Moreover, materials in this review center are up-to-date and always fresh. No irrelevant materials are given, only ones that will cater to the needs of their trainees.

•    One on One Coaching

Having speaking as one of the dreaded tasks in the IELTS examination, speaking coaches conduct one-on-one speaking exercises with their trainees. This is done to develop trainees’ confidence in speaking and teach them how to handle interviews well. Speaking confidently is important as these individuals start working or studying abroad.

If you are someone in Davao planning to take the IELTS exam, here are the test dates that you should remember.

•    IDP (Academic/General Training)
August 29
September 21
October 26

•    British Council
August 28
September 20

(General Training)
August 28
September 20

Download Useful Documents for Your IELTS Training and Review

Guys, I just wanted to share these documents (PDF) that will provide basic information and tips on how to improve our chances in passing the IELTS exam. You can read these on your smartphone, tablets, or laptops. I hope you like it.


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How to Fill out the IELTS Application Form

IELTS Speaking Test Overview

Common Mistakes in the IELTS Writing



Butchers to Take the IELTS Teaching

The search to locate far better career opportunities is never ending. Individuals always obtain locations wherein they are able to boost their chosen areas of research and at the same time get paid for more money. Being employed in other countries happens to be an choice for Filipinos. Working in foreign countries has given Filipinos a more encouraging job and organizations overseas provide better salary. What makes this chance far better is that it is not only for medical practitioners but to skilled workers like butchers too. And at the moment, the interest in butchers in Australia is rising. It has opened up a new door for butchers to further improve their professions and find better professions.

Because of this need to have Filipino butchers abroad, local government units in the Philippines have begun delivering classes to these skilled workers. As an illustration, the local government of Tagum City had some butchers experience teaching to hone their competencies and achieve the specifications set by Australia. The success of this program has pushed other local government units to start out giving trainings and seminars to their skilled workers. Nonetheless, these butchers still need to go through one exam just before they can push their applications offshore. They must take the IELTS assessment or the International English Language Testing System. Therefore, there is an IELTS training plan intended for these skilled workers in IELTS review centers all over the country.

In an IELTS training program, the prospects are provided education based on the preferences that they have. For skilled workers like the butchers, they need to get a score of 5 or 6 to have the confindence to make their applications in other countries abroad. For skilled workers, the Genera Training test of the IELTS is provided to them. Right after they are registered, they will have to attend courses that will help better their reading capabilities, create their listening abilities, polish their speaking expertise and enhance their writing skills. In an IELTS training lesson, these individuals get per week overview exam to determine their progress. The mentors and trainers will give their own assessments each week to let the individuals know which areas they have to greatly improve and put more hard work on.

The IELTS assessment is something that applicants must be serious with. They need to get the scores set by the organizations abroad. Having said that, candidates need not to worry because IELTS training review clinics be sure that their applicants get the best quality of education. They provide the best courses that will make studying quicker and enjoyable.

Getting a 5 or 6 can be very attainable once they undergo the teaching. Skilled workers should take it easy and be more confident in the IELTS assessment.